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Andrea is a NYC/LA-based creative that has been photographing people professionally since 2008. Beyond her practice in the arts, she has, of relevance, working experience in marketing, graphic design, wardrobe styling, branding, acting, producing, curating, and creative direction.


RELEVANT BACKGROUND: Post-college, Andrea took photography classes at the Art Institute of Chicago. Returning to New Orleans, she began working with a wedding photographer and in the years to follow photographed weddings, worked with a program-based photography gallery and with the New Orleans photo festival (PhotoNOLA). Continuing her education in various ways, including a couple years training in acting and improv, she eventually started working with people in the New Orleans fashion scene and began shooting headshots, portraits, and fashion photography. After a stint working for a New Orleans-based jewelry designer, she moved to Los Angeles. Her residence in Los Angeles included working with a photographer/director, sales distributor, stylists, etc., in a freelance/client-based capacity. Now based in LA and New York City, Andrea’s professional photographic focus continues to be headshots, fashion, beauty, and portraits. You may see her latest images and styling work on Instagram and Facebook.

About Andrea
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creative professional
creative professional
creative professional
creative professional


how Andrea creates beautiful headshots

The best headshot(s) for a person or business depends on their goal(s). Whether it's to submit for auditions, authentically capture one's professional self, showcase a person or people on brand, etc., Andrea utilizes her background in marketing, acting, production, styling and, of course, photography to work with the client to achieve those goals. Before and during a session, Andrea can talk and/or tweak hair, makeup, wardrobe, location, lighting, and backgrounds - paying special attention to color - to create the desired look.

To learn more, check out the details page.

Jade Goodwin, model, Lauren Nicole McKeever, hairstylist, braiding hair, braiding curly hair, behind the scenes photoshoot

workflow: start to finish


From fleshing out a concept by creating a mood board, to location scouting, pulling clothes, and getting hair, makeup, and models together... Here's an example of my process from mood board to final result.

mood board
_Z3C4229 Jade YELLOW straight arms SR
_Z3C6714 Jade BRAIDS b 2
_Z3C0061 Liz FIRE
_Z3C9303 Gabriele BEIGE BROWN NH SR more contrast less yellow
_Z3C9803 Caroline BURNT ORANGE
wardrobe rack, FD Photo Studio, steamer, clothes


see my work

See my work used in a model's book on her agency' site:

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